Are Juvederm Treatments worth it?

Are Juvederm Treatments worth it?

Are Juvederm Treatments worth it?

When you wish you could be happier with the appearance of your face, there are now many options for changing it. Juvederm is a great treatment that can do a lot to improve the appearance of those who get it. This type of treatment lasts a long time, making it a highly cost-effective way to change your appearance. When you get Juvederm, it uses the addition of volume to change the contours of the face to make it look healthier and younger.

Natural Ingredients

One of the things that so many patients like about getting Juvederm treatments is that the ingredients are substances that can naturally be found in your body. There are some occasions when Juvederm may not be the treatment you’re looking for to help with your specific problem. But for many facial issues, Juvederm can be a great way to treat the problem in a natural way.

When Juvederm is injected into your face, your body won’t reject it as being a foreign substance because it’s made of substances that are already found in the body. The body will see it as your own substances rather than foreign items that need to be fought by antibodies. This makes it exceptionally safe to use.

Juvederm uses a protein called hyaluronic acid as well as collagen to plump up an area that needs more volume. When people are young, they have full, rounder faces that exude a look of good health. As people get older, they often lose some of the volume in their faces and start to look less healthy.

When Juvederm is injected, it’s often used to make the face look rounder, to get rid of fine lines, and to add volume to specific places. The areas to the sides of your nose and the cheeks are generally the areas that need more volume to get back your youthful look. Most users of Juvederm find it to be well worth the price and the time it takes to get the treatment.

How Does It Work?

When you get Juvederm injections, they are adding volume to the places that naturally have fat pads that begin to get smaller over time. There are seven major places where the face has these fat pads, and Juvederm is generally injected into those areas to fill them out more. These are the main areas that give your face its volume.

As people get older, these pads get smaller, and this makes you lose volume in your skin. This can make certain areas of your face have a more sunken look than they did before, and many people don’t like this change. It can cause the cheekbones to look more prominent and lines can form at certain areas of your face such as the corners of your mouth.

The areas that have lost their volume over time can be plumped back up with the use of Juvederm injections. They are very minimally invasive, and no surgery is needed to get the look you want. There are different types of Juvederm treatments, and some are needed for specific areas. There is one type that’s made to be used on the lips, for example. Another type is perfect for use in the areas under the eyes where the skin is more delicate and is likely to develop lines over time. Getting more volume there can smooth out the wrinkles.

Other Benefits of Juvederm Treatments

One of the biggest benefits of using these treatments is that the effects last such a long time. They have true staying power which depends on the areas it’s injected into and the type of Juvederm product that is used. When it’s injected into areas that move less, it will last longer. This means that the body won’t absorb the filler as quickly. For the types of Juvederm that are used for the lips and eyelids, it will stick around for about six to eight months. For the Voluma variety, which goes into areas that move less, the filler can last as long as 18 months.

If you’ve thought about having a facelift, getting this filler administered can give you many changes without the need for surgery. It’s also great for people who want to get strong results and don’t want to wait a long time to see those results. There is no waiting for weeks to see the results. Patients are generally amazed by how fast and strong the results are. It doesn’t require any downtime as surgery does. You can get your treatments and then get right back into your day.

Once you have had Juvederm administered, you can always change your mind about it. It’s a reversible filler that can be dissolved with the addition of an enzyme injection. If you like your treatments, you can keep getting them when they eventually wear off, or you can stop getting them all together. You can just let your body slowly absorb the ingredients and go back to the way it looked before.

If you’re interested in Juvederm to add volume to various areas of your face, call us at the Center for Family & Implant Dentistry. We have the expertise you need for the best results possible.