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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic DentistryA smile is a way to communicate with others. It’s a form of contact that is important to everyone, making it important to be happy with your smile. Many patients aren’t happy with the way their teeth look and seek cosmetic dentistry treatments to change their smiles.

If you have considered dental cosmetic procedures already, make sure to talk about them with our team. Whatever concerns you have, we want to know about them. When Dr. MacConnell performs cosmetic dentistry, the goal is to give you a great-looking smile while also making your teeth stronger and healthier.

What Are Some Kinds of Cosmetic Dentistry?

The Center for Family & Implant Dentistry offers our patients an array of cosmetic dentistry services. Many of these solutions also solve dental conditions and strengthen your teeth.

  • Dental bonding is used to fix teeth that have problems that detract from the looks of a tooth. This procedure looks highly realistic and natural.
  • CEREC one-visit crowns system can replace one of your teeth with a permanent crown designed and made in just one office visit.
  • Orthodontic procedures such as ClearCorrect straighten your teeth or your children’s teeth. These are used as a substitute for conventional braces because they are easier to wear and more comfortable. They are clear aligner trays that gently move the teeth to new positions.
  • Porcelain veneers can replace the fronts of the teeth. Patients often choose these when they have teeth that are chipped or cracked. They can also be used to treat severe staining that won’t respond to whitening systems.
  • We offer teeth whitening for patients who have tooth staining caused by typical reasons such as drinking coffee or red wine. These are at-home kits that pull the stains out of your teeth. However, when teeth have stains caused by certain antibiotics or too much fluoride contact, these can’t be treated by these kits.

Everyone Wants a Great Smile

If you have a cosmetic tooth problem, it’s time to get it fixed so you’re happy with your smile. Every time we perform a cosmetic procedure, we take your wants and needs into account so that you get strong, beautiful teeth. We also ensure you are always comfortable during any cosmetic procedure. It’s important for you to talk to our team about what you would like your teeth to look like.

If you’ve been thinking about cosmetic dentistry services, it may be time to contact us at The Center for Family & Implant Dentistry to make a consultation appointment. Talk to Dr. MacConnell about your problems and find out which options you will have good success with. We want to make sure you can achieve the best smile possible.