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CEREC Crowns

CERECIn the past, getting a crown to correct damage to a tooth always required at least two appointments and a temporary crown to wear as you waited for a permanent one. However, this is no longer necessary. The Center for Family & Implant Dentistry uses advanced CEREC one-visit technology, allowing you to get a crown much more quickly for convenience and time savings.

Making Crowns With the CEREC One-Visit System

Dr. MacConnell will obtain digital photos of the tooth that will be covered by a crown. Other pictures are taken elsewhere in your mouth. This data goes into CEREC software. Once it’s there, CAD/CAM technology is used to make a detailed image of your tooth so the crown can be made to fit well. This system uses these images to make a crown with exactly the right dimensions for an exact fit. It will also look natural.

The image created provides instructions for the system to design your crown. That information is sent to the CEREC milling machine that makes the crown while you wait. The software is highly accurate. Unlike conventional crowns that had to be adjusted before they would fit, these will fit right away and can be fitted quickly.

Why CEREC Is Easier

Getting a CEREC one-visit crown happens so quickly that you won’t need a temporary crown. You will have your tooth prepared for the crown and the crown made and fitted all in one appointment. The high-tech milling machine is located right in our office, so it takes little time. It even makes a precise match to your tooth color, so you won’t have to figure out which color is best.

There is no external lab to which the data has to be sent, and there is no need to take impressions of your teeth. There is no need for two or even three office visits for a far more convenient experience.

Do You Need a CEREC Crown?

Patients have a number of reasons for getting a crown on a tooth. It’s a typical way to restore a tooth. The latest technology has made this process easier than ever, and the results are great. The crowns made with this system look very realistic, and they are made of high-grade materials. These new crowns can replace an old crown, a tooth with significant decay, etc. Many patients are good candidates for using this system for new crowns.

During your dental exam or crown consultation, the dentist can tell you whether this is an option. Dr. MacConnell can then make a treatment plan for your tooth. In some situations, another crown procedure would be best for your unique situation, and the dentist will discuss this with you. Most of the time, CEREC is an effective way to restore a tooth and get a high-quality crown.

One-Visit Crowns in Bluff City or Kingsport

Interested in CEREC one-visit crowns? To get your consultation with Dr. MacConnell, or to schedule your regular dental exam, call us today at the Center for Family & Implant Dentistry.