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Fast Braces

bracesGetting orthodontic treatments is a great way to make teeth straighter and correct improper bite alignment. Traditional braces can take a few years before the end benefit is realized. However, there are systems today that can provide straighter teeth in less time.

Fastbraces is one of the teeth straightening options at the Center for Family & Implant Dentistry. This system can deliver its final results in as little as 100 days.

How Fastbraces Works to Straighten (Some) Teeth

This system is a faster alternative to conventional braces, and it works very differently from other types. When a patient has traditional braces, there are two steps. In their first year, they move the crown of the teeth into the proper positions. After that, they are used to move the roots of the teeth. When you use Fastbraces, the system starts moving the roots right away for faster results. For people who want to get just a few teeth straightened and to do it quickly, this can be a good option. Conventional braces use brackets on every tooth, and those brackets are square with one wire on the top and one on the bottom. Fastbraces uses triangular brackets, and there is just one strong, flexible wire. This wire moves the roots and crowns to better positions at the same time for much faster treatment. Fastbraces are also considered a lot more comfortable than conventional braces, thanks to the flexible wire. The heat of the mouth activates the wire and allows for the smooth movement of your teeth with less friction than you would have with conventional braces. After having Fastbraces, patients do still have to wear a retainer, but they only have to wear it for 15 to 20 minutes per day. This is far less than the overnight suggestion for traditional retainers. Because they are used for such a short time, they are less expensive than many other straightening options. In some cases, the brackets can be made tooth-colored so they are hard to see.

Are You a Good Candidate for Fastbraces?

These braces are only used for the few front teeth you can see when you smile. These “smile teeth” are straightened for a nice smile, but any other straightening or alignment isn’t done. This quick fix isn’t meant for everyone. Many patients are not good candidates for this method. They are good for use when there isn’t much straightening or gap-fixing, and it’s all on those front few teeth. Fastbraces are limited in what they can do since they aren’t used on all of the teeth. They are for mild to moderate crowding or spacing. If a patient has teeth that are highly misaligned or very crooked, this isn’t the system for them. This system also doesn’t treat crossbites or underbites. Patients with tooth decay or gum disease that hasn’t been treated are also not good candidates.

Convenient Orthodontics Options in Bluff City and Kingsport

If you are interested in learning more about Fastbraces, schedule a consultation with Dr. MacConnell to find out if this system would work well for you. The Center for Family & Implant Dentistry offers several teeth straightening options, and we’ll be sure to find a solution that fits your needs.