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PRP Treatment

Platelet-Rich plasmaPRP treatment, or, platelet-rich plasma, is a medical therapy sometimes used in dentistry to allow for faster healing.

This high-tech therapy is just one of the ways the Center for Family & Implant Dentistry uses the latest breakthroughs in technology to help our patients heal and get them back into their normal routines.

How Does PRP Therapy Work?

The body has the ability to heal itself naturally. Using PRP therapy is a way to make that healing power accelerate. It works by sending specific cell types, the platelets, right to the affected area to spur healing.

PRP is becoming more common during dental implant procedures and tooth extractions. After these procedures, there is a need for the tissue and bone to heal, and PRP can make this happen faster. This type of therapy is also used to help with pain after oral surgery, spur the tissues to repair themselves, and reduce downtime after certain dental procedures.

Our team will draw the patient’s blood and spin it in a machine to concentrate the platelets. This concentration has up to five times the natural growth factors that blood usually has, allowing for the creation of highly differentiated cells and the healing of tissue.

PRP therapy is especially helpful for rebuilding damaged bone. This makes it perfect for use after someone has had a tooth extracted. It’s been shown that when patients receive PRP therapy after having a tooth extracted, they will have much faster healing than patients who didn’t receive it.

Benefits of PRP

PRP therapy is extremely helpful during the healing process with tissues and bones, but it’s also a way to help with the pain a patient may have after oral surgery. When PRP helps the affected area heal more quickly, the patient will have less discomfort. This translates into an easier time during the healing period. This is especially helpful for older patients who don’t heal as quickly as they once did.

PRP is highly reliable in patients who have had several different dental treatments. Its high degree of reliability has encouraged many dentists and oral surgeons to use PRP to help patients get back to normal much faster. Faster healing times allow patients to get their dentures, dental implants, and other items done with less waiting.

Find Out If PRP Therapy Is Right for You

Discuss with Dr. MacConnell to determine if your oral surgery procedure may benefit from PRP therapy. You may be able to recover faster and more comfortably. If you need dental treatments, give us a call at the Center for Family & Implant Dentistry to make an appointment, or contact us through the website.