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Comprehensive Oral Implantology

dental implantsWhen you visit the Center of Family & Implant Dentistry, you have the advantage of the implant dentistry experience of Dr. MacConnell. He has undergone extensive specialty training to become an expert in comprehensive oral implantology. When you need a dental implant, it’s also highly convenient to get your implant at the same office where you get your general dentistry services. This ensures that you have good continuity of care to make things easier for you. Our offices in Bluff City and Kingsport can accommodate oral implant procedures.

Different Types of Dental Implants

Dr. MacConnell can implant several different dental implants. Our experienced team offers:
  • Zygomatic Implants: These dental implants are used to replace teeth lost from the upper jaw. These may be single implants, or they can be larger implants that replace the entire arch of upper teeth. If you have had one or more teeth on the upper jaw that has been lost because of periodontal disease or another problem, this can replace your tooth.
  • Mini Implants: This option is just what it sounds like — small. They are just one piece rather than the three pieces of most other implants. They are often used in a narrow space or when the patient has lost some of their bone. Mini implants often hold onto removable dentures to keep them in place. In the lower jaw, you would need four mini implants to hold dentures, and six are needed for the upper jaw.
  • Remote-Anchored Implants: Remote anchors are used to hold onto a larger denture that replaces many teeth.
  • Pterygoid Implants: These are placed in the area of the upper molars. For patients missing all of the teeth on the upper jaw, this can help replace some of them. These implants go where you once had wisdom teeth.
  • All-on-Six: These dental implants use six implants to hold onto a permanent denture that is anchored by those implants. This allows patients to get dentures that won’t slide or slip and that will stay in place without the need to remove them. They don’t have to be taken out and cleaned, and they are cared for just as you would your natural teeth. Many patients love the convenience of this option as well as the way they look.

Get Dental Implants From Dr. MacConnell

If you have loose teeth that need to be removed, or teeth that have been badly damaged and can’t be saved, you may benefit from a dental implant to permanently replace the tooth. With his expertise in dental implantology, you can get the best care from Dr. MacConnell with functional implants that look great. If you are interested in an implant, call the Center for Family & Implant Dentistry to set up your consultation.