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Mini Implants

man at the dentistWhen patients have a lot of teeth missing, they may want to get removable dentures. However, not all patients like the idea of wearing dentures, and they may worry about slippage and having them fall out.

Implants that support dentures are often an option. These can often be done even when the patient has bone loss, and a bone graft is not needed. This can save you many months of healing and waiting and allow you to get your implants to stabilize your dentures and prevent more loss of the jawbone. These smaller implants are often done when it isn’t possible to place regular implants.

One-Piece Dental Implants

Mini dental implants have a small diameter and are just one piece. With conventional implants, an abutment and a crown are is placed over the implanted post. With mini implants, no abutment has to be added to the implant. The top of the implant is a ball head, which serves as the abutment. Mini implants are often used in areas where the interdental space is narrow.

When these smaller implants are implanted into the bone, its ball-head top sticks out above the gums. The dentist will then take an impression of the mouth so that the denture can be created to precisely fit with the implants. The custom denture has sockets that attach to those ball-head tops using rubber O-rings. This allows for a good fit that will stay in place well and allow you to replace your missing teeth.

If you are getting mini implants placed into your upper jaw, you will need six or more of these implants. If you are getting them in your lower jaw, you will need at least four. If you want a fixed prosthesis that is not removable, on the upper jaw you will have to have ten or more mini implants, and eight are required in your lower jaw.

How Are Mini Dental Implants Used?

Specific situations call for the use of mini implants. They can be used to replace small teeth, for example, the lower or lateral incisors. If you have very little space in between the jaws, these implants may be necessary. Patients with bone loss in the jaw may require mini implants. Those who wish for partial or complete removable dentures require this surgery. These implants may also be used to support a fixed denture that is either partial or complete.

Getting mini implants placed is minimally invasive. These small implants can be placed without the need for flap surgery. There is also no need for a bone graft, with the implants being smaller than 3mm in diameter. A temporary denture can be placed on it right away to replace your teeth.

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