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Pterygoid Implants

pain in the teethWhen a patient has lost their teeth in the upper jaw or is about to lose them, a pterygoid implant may be needed. These implants are often used alongside zygomatic implants and when the patient has an upper jaw that is very soft.

Dr. MacConnell is skilled in oral implantology. The Center for Family & Implant Dentistry team welcomes patients who wish to seek this procedure to our offices in Bluff City or Kingsport.

Pterygoid Use With Other Implants

A pterygoid dental implant is not used by itself, and it can’t function by itself to help restore the teeth. It has to have other implants to anchor it to hold onto new teeth effectively. A pterygoid implant generally goes where the upper wisdom teeth used to be positioned, and it’s implanted at a certain angle so that it goes through an area of soft bone and ends up in a region of stronger bone to anchor it. It takes a lot of extra training to perform this type of dental implant, and Dr. MacConnell has that impressive training.

People get a pterygoid implant when they want to replace their teeth with a denture that will be held by implants. When this type of implant is used, there isn’t a long wait to have a bone graft, and the healing grafting requires before the implant can be done. It is often used when a patient doesn’t have much bone in the jaw because of teeth being missing for a while.

The Benefits of Pterygoid Implants

With this type of dental implant, no bone grafts are needed and no sinus lifts are necessary to place them. This is often easier and more convenient for patients looking for a faster way to replace their teeth. It also means getting fewer procedures, which many patients want when replacing their teeth.

Pterygoid implants are helpful in chewing efficiently. These implants can also improve the aesthetic look of the patient’s smile even if they have a lot of bone loss and aren’t able to get conventional implants. Many patients want to get their dentures as fast as possible to replace their teeth, and this type of implant can help them achieve that.

Oral Implantology Expertise in Bluff City and Kingsport

If you are going to lose your upper teeth, or you already have lost them, pterygoid implants may be an option for you and your dental needs. If you are interested in implants that hold a denture prosthesis, call us at the Center for Family & Implant Dentistry to make an appointment to consult with Dr. MacConnell. He can let you know whether you are a good candidate for this type of implant.