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Gum Grafting

gum graftIt’s common for patients with receding gums to undergo gum grafting to greatly improve their oral health. For other patients, gum grafting is done for cosmetic purposes when they aren’t as happy with their smile as they could be.

Dr. MacConnell and the team at the Center for Family & Implant Dentistry specialize in gum grafting for those with oral health issues and those looking to improve the appearance of their smiles.

Do You Have Receding Gums?

Receding gums separate themselves from affected teeth. When this happens, more of the tooth is exposed or even the tooth’s root becomes visible. This can result in tooth pain and discomfort. Gum grafts can address pain and tooth sensitivity.

For adults, receding gums is a common problem. It can happen very gradually so you don’t notice the problem until it becomes severe. The condition can worsen over time until your teeth are sensitive and/or you aren’t happy with the way your smile looks. If there is no treatment and the gums continue to recede, tooth loss becomes a risk.

Gum grafting adds gum tissue to the areas where it has receded. Reversing that recession is an effective way to make the gums and teeth healthier as well as make them look better. The tissue to perform the graft comes from somewhere else in the mouth to fill in the receded areas.

Slow Recession of the Gums

Gum recession happens slowly, getting to the point that you notice it over time. Often, patients notice that their teeth are highly sensitive before they notice that they are suffering from gum recession. When the gums continue to recede, the root becomes more and more exposed. As this continues, cold or hot drinks and food can affect those sensitive roots. If you are experiencing tooth sensitivity, you should talk to Dr. MacConnell about the problem when you have your next appointment for a cleaning and dental exam.

Gum Disease Treatment in Kingsport and Bluff City

If the dentist has told you to consider gum grafting, know that this surgery is simple and won’t come with a long recovery period. It is highly effective at healing the teeth and possibly making you happier with your smile. If you have had receding gums, this is a good procedure to help you with the condition.

If you notice that you have receding gums, or you have sensitive teeth, talk to our dentist and find out whether you need treatment. You can also call us at the Center for Family & Implant Dentistry to make an appointment for a consultation about the problem and a personalized treatment plan.