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Preventive Dentistry

patient in dentist officePreventive dentistry is highly important to your overall oral health. Your dental exams and cleanings are just the start of the preventative care we provide.

When you visit our offices, we have a number of preventative services available to help you have better dental health. From your semi-annual dental exam and oral cancer screenings to sealants and fluoride treatments, we help you keep your teeth healthier, so you’ll be proud of your smile.

Never Miss Your Dental Exams

Getting your six-month dental exams and cleanings is the foundation of your preventive care. It’s vital that you keep these appointments so that our team can give you the deep cleaning you need twice a year. At this time, Dr. MacConnell will also check your teeth, gums, and the rest of your mouth for any problems.

These exams are one of the most important things you do for your oral health. Our dentist can find problems and decide on treatments you may need for healthier teeth and gums. He conducts a thorough exam to catch minor issues before they get any worse.

The dental cleaning ensures that tartar and plaque don’t build up on your teeth. During this time, our team can also talk to you about your oral hygiene habits so that you find out about any deficiencies you may have in your routine. It’s also a great time for you to ask questions about your oral health.

Finding Small Cavities

If you have any cavities, finding them is an essential part of your oral health. We use an early detection device that allows the dentist to find cavities when they are just beginning, which uses a bright light to look at specific areas of your teeth. With this early detection, we can spot cavities so they can be treated while they are still small. Other cavity detection methods include taking X-rays.

Protect Your Teeth With Sealants and Fluoride

Getting sealants for your teeth is an important way to protect them against cavities. This treatment applies a liquid to the chewing surfaces of your teeth that hardens into a durable seal. This keeps them safe from bacteria and food that can lead to tooth decay.

We also offer fluoride treatments to help strengthen the teeth. This can help prevent cavities and tooth decay. Both children and adults should get regular fluoride treatments for this reason.

Comprehensive Preventive Oral Health Care in Kingsport and Bluff City

Preventive dental treatments are an important way to reduce your risk of cavities and various other oral problems. Your oral health influences your overall health, and it’s vital that you take good care of it. Call the Center for Family & Implant Dentistry today to make dental checkup appointments for the whole family and keep your smiles bright and healthy.