Fluoride Treatment Bluff City | Fight Tooth Decay & Cavities


boy receive fluorideThe team at the Center for Family & Implant Dentistry wants you to have teeth that are as strong as possible to stay healthy. Proactive oral health treatments such as fluoride applications help you achieve the best possible outcomes.

What Is Fluoride?

Fluoride is a natural mineral that fortifies the teeth to allow them to stand up to cavities. It has long been used to protect patients’ teeth from decay and cavities. Fluoride is used to strengthen the enamel, the outer layer of each of your teeth. When the enamel is strong, it can better withstand the bacteria that can cause harm to teeth.

Why Do I Need Fluoride Treatments?

When fluoride is applied to your teeth, you may experience fewer problems. It’s common for people to suffer from minor tooth decay, which often becomes cavities. When you receive fluoride treatments, you can keep this cycle from occurring. Adults and children can receive fluoride treatments if they have reasonably healthy teeth and gums.

You can get these treatments when you’re in the office for your dental hygiene cleaning and exam. It’s important to get these treatments if your teeth and gums are healthy enough. Our fluoride treatments are much stronger than what you have in your water or toothpaste at home. When you’re at home, you should also use toothpaste with fluoride.

If you have an elevated risk of developing cavities, fluoride treatments may help you avoid them. Bacteria can build up over time until the teeth have a layer of plaque. This layer can cause cavities to develop. The plaque on a tooth creates a specific type of acid that can eat through the teeth and the gums. The enamel of each affected tooth can then begin to break down. When this occurs, bacteria can get into the tooth and cause an infection. The nerves of that tooth may also be affected. This is highly damaging to the teeth and can cause other oral problems.

Treating Your Teeth With Fluoride

Dr. MacConnell will ensure your teeth and gums are healthy enough for a fluoride treatment. Then, a member of our team can apply the treatment to your teeth, either with a gel, a rinse, or another form via a mouthwash, swab, brush, or with a tray that goes over the teeth. It takes just minutes to apply fluoride to the teeth, and you will keep reaping the benefits of it.

After receiving this treatment, it’s best not to eat or drink for 30 minutes afterward. This amount of time is enough for your teeth to absorb the fluoride. It’s common to get this treatment two or more times a year to help the teeth to become stronger.

Comprehensive Preventative Dentistry Services in Bluff City and Kingsport

If you are healthy enough for a fluoride treatment, we can get started at your next appointment. To schedule your time, just contact us through the site or by phone at the Center for Family & Implant Dentistry.