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Dentures (Full and Partial)

denturesWhen you have missing teeth or all of your teeth have been lost, dentures are an effective tool for replacing them all. There are several options for dentures, and Dr. MacConnell can consult with you about the best denture type.

Our team at the Center for Family & Implant Dentistry wants you to have the dentures you want that look great and work effectively. We also ensure that you are always kept comfortable throughout the denture procedure. Getting dentures generally requires a few office visits, and we can take care of each stage in our offices, so you don’t have to go to many practitioners to get them.

The Design of Your Dentures

Whether you are getting partial or full dentures, they will need to be built in a lab so that they will fit your mouth perfectly. The dentist takes time to plan the design for your dentures so that your specific facial structure and need for support drive their design. This ensures that you have the dentures you need for your unique mouth.

Your dentures will be made of high-quality materials so they will look good and be durable and effective. The dentures will fit well with your bone structure and allow for great function. The way dentures look is often as important to patients as how they function. They’re a restorative dental prosthesis but also a cosmetic one. They will help you have a beautiful smile and help you chew and talk better.

Partial and Full Dentures: How Are They Different?

A partial denture is a replacement for a few teeth. These dentures use wires that attach them to other teeth and structures in the mouth so that they stay in place. They can be removed for cleaning just like conventional, full dentures.

Full dentures replace all of the teeth on one arch or both. These are made after the natural teeth have been extracted and the gum tissue has healed. Removable full dentures fit into the mouth with an adhesive and are removable for cleaning. Implant-supported full dentures are not removable and use implants to anchor them into place.

Should You Choose Implant-Supported Dentures?

If you are interested in implant-supported dentures, you will need implant surgery to place the posts in the jaw that will hold the dentures. For patients who worry about dentures that may slip or fall out, implant-supported dentures are a good option. They allow for a natural look to the new teeth, and they are strong and highly effective for talking, chewing, and supporting the face.

Comprehensive Denture Solutions in Kingsport and Bluff City

If you have missing teeth, you may be interested in getting a set of dentures to replace either a few teeth or all of them. Dentures can be a great option for many people missing teeth, and we’d love to get you the dentures you need.

Call us at the Center for Family & Implant Dentistry to make your appointment. A consultation with Dr. MacConnell will help you decide which type of dentures you’re a candidate for and what kind will provide you with a smile you can be proud of.