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Porcelain Restorations

Porcelain RestorationsWhen you have teeth that need restorative dentistry, several porcelain options exist. These are made from special, high-quality mixtures of durable porcelain to be extremely strong. Sometimes, however, your porcelain may become broken and need repair.

Dr. MacConnell and the team at the Center for Family & Implant Dentistry use top-quality materials to restore your damaged or broken porcelain crowns, fillings, bridges, or veneers for a perfect and happy smile.

Fixing Broken Porcelain

Porcelain is used in a wide variety of smile restorations that require sturdy materials to fix problems. Fillings are used to restore a tooth by filling in a hold caused by tooth decay or damage. It’s common for a filling to break or fall out and need to be repaired. This is a quick restoration from the dentist, with new material being fitted into the hole and then hardened. The dentist then shapes it to match the shape of the rest of your tooth.

Dental bridges are used to restore one tooth or several. This appliance is not removable, except by the dentist. So, if it breaks, Dr. MacConnell will have to remove it and replace it with a new bridge. This will require the new bridge to be made in a lab and then installed over your anchor teeth to replace the missing tooth or teeth. Just like the old bridge, the new bridge will look and function just like your own teeth.

Veneers are useful when there is a lot of damage to the teeth, and the patient isn’t happy with the way they look. A veneer is a thin strip of porcelain attached to the fronts of teeth to make the teeth look healthier. When these crack, chip or break away from the teeth, new veneers have to be made to replace them. If you have conventional veneers, the natural teeth have been made smaller to fit them, so getting new veneers made and installed is the only option. The process is easy for patients, and it is pain-free.

Crowns are porcelain covers that fit over a tooth that has significant damage or large areas of decay. They are also a part of dental implants used during a root canal to replace the tooth. When a crown gets broken or cracked, the dentist will remove the old crown, and a new crown is placed.

High-Tech Porcelain Crowns

At the Center for Family & Implant Dentistry, we use the CEREC system to create one-visit crowns to be more convenient than ever. You can have your old crown removed and a new crown made in just one visit to our office. We use this high-tech method for its high-quality crowns and the precision with which they fit. With this method, it takes little time to get your crown replaced.

Dental porcelain doesn’t stain easily, and it feels just like one of your natural teeth. Many patients are happy with the durability of these restorations and the way they look. You still need to brush, floss, and see the dentist regularly when you have one of these restorations.

Restore Your Smile With State-of-the-Art Dentistry

If you need a crown or other porcelain dental restoration, call our Bluff City or Kingsport office to make your appointment. Dr. MacConnell can discuss porcelain restoration options with you to improve the function and look of your mouth.