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Sedation Dentistry

sedation dentistryMany people are highly nervous about getting dental treatments. They may be afraid of going to the dentist, even avoiding dental treatments altogether because of this fear and anxiety. At the Center for Family & Implant Dentistry, we want people to get the dental treatments they need and want without being held back by fear.

We want you to stay comfortable and relaxed anytime you’re in our offices. That’s why Dr. MacConnell offers sedation treatment. We always prioritize your comfort, so talk to our team about sedation to see if it’s right for you.

Types of Sedation You May Need

Our team always takes the time to listen to you when it comes to your fears and worries. When you consult with Dr. MacConnell about your treatment, you can also talk to him about sedation and anesthesia and whether either will be necessary.

In many cases, a local anesthetic is all that a patient needs to remain comfortable. This is usually done by one or more injections into the surrounding area. It blocks the pain out completely for a little while so that you don’t feel your procedure. You may need over-the-counter pain mediation for any discomfort afterward.

However, sometimes a local anesthetic is used alongside another sedation method so that you are as comfortable as possible. You might be given a pill to take before your appointment.

We also have conscious sedation that is given orally in the office. This can help with anxiety, and it’s just a quick pill. If you have this option, you will stay awake but highly relaxed. You will need someone to drive you to your treatment and home again.

There is also nitrous oxide for dental fear. This is highly calming and keeps you comfortable and relaxed while you get your treatment. Using this method has short-lived effects, so you will still be able to drive at the end of your appointment. Another form of sedation is IV sedation, which is sometimes necessary with oral surgery.

Is Sedation Safe?

At our Bluff City and Kingsport offices, we do many procedures with sedation. Our team and our dentist are highly trained and use the latest in medical technology to make sure that you are always safe and that the method is effective.

Our cutting-edge equipment monitors you and ensures your safety. If you need any sedation or anesthesia during your treatment, Dr. MacConnell will look at your medical history and the procedure you’re having done and decide on the best way to keep you comfortable.

Compassionate Oral Health Care From the Center for Family & Implant Dentistry

When it’s time for your next appointment, make sure that you talk to the dentist about any fear you may have. Call our offices in Kingsport or Bluff City today to schedule your time with the dentist.